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Executive Summary
CH3 BioSystems LLC is a biotechnology company organized around intellectual property created through research in chemical biology and epigenetics. The CH3 icon in our company logo is immediately recognizable to our customers as the chemical mark that appears on proteins involved in many diseases. There are many naturally occurring chemical marks that can be thought of as brush strokes that paint the proteins in humans and animals with different colors or tags that trigger biochemical events in cells and organs. CH3 produces unique molecular tools that enable scientists to
detect, identify and quantify a specific type of chemical mark, the methyl mark.

Our end users, Biologists, Chemists and Clinicians, utilize our products and services to create new diagnostics and first-in-class therapeutics for human and animal diseases. We provide molecular tools for faster, more efficient and safer methods to facilitate research discoveries. Our patented CH3 antibody and other IP-protected products provide scientists with a novel molecular toolkit to study protein methylation status in diseases like cancer, HIV and neurodevelopmental, autoimmune and cardiovascular disorders.

CH3 BioSystems LLC is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the long-term projected expansions in the antibody, biomarker and proteomics segments of the biotechnology market. CH3 BioSystems products are based on the development of protein methylation technology. Through basic research discovery partnerships with academia and industry, CH3 BioSystems is expanding the reach of protein methylation biology to include proteomics, diagnostic devices and ultimately pharmaceutical agents. Our vision is to promote the growth of the field of protein methylation biology and to provide the cutting edge clinically relevant products of the 21st century. Please indicate your interest as a potential investor and contact us for more information.

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